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Mr Hector

Mr.Hector in Special Edition

master While designing the Mr. Hector amplifier we were thinking about guitar players who usually lack gain. 100W power amp is built with 4 6L6 tubes. Preamp uses four 12AX7 tubes and two 5C3S tubes in power supply. Tone control for both cannels is used. Footswitch changes the channels over and lets switch to Master Volume potentiometers which can be set separately. Important fact is that switching Masters can be done in the distortion channel as well as in the clean one. This combination lets such setting that gives you possibility to pitch step by step volume control during playing solo parts just by the change - over on the footswitch.

wyjścia głośnikowe Two more "high" and "low" TRS jacks are additionally situated on the front panel and also some rectification choice switches and power choice switch - 50W / 100W. Our power amp is fitted with line effect loop, direct output XLR - with line level with guitar speaker simulation and some speaker outputs 4, 8, 16 Ohm. Moreover 8 and 16 Ohm outputs are doubled (in line connection) which gives the possibility of connecting additional speakers directly to the amplifier.

There is the possibility of selecting supply voltage between tube rectifier (2 5C3S0 tubes and diode (semiconductor) was applied. Tube rectification enables gaining a more compressed, low sound, however diode (semiconductor) rectification gives more headroom and dynamics. The results can be heard especially while playing loud when power supply works with more burden. Both channels contain a high frequency "bright" boost, used with a little gain, causes distorted character change - the sound is similar to typical Vintage constructions.

In tone regulation a Mid Switch is used .That causes parameter tone control change. Different positions of switch lead to a change of frequency of the middle filter and also change of low tone content. Both Mid Switch positions secure completely different amp sound and different EQ system operation.

One position is characterized with larger content of bass and is similar to classic sound which is typical for high gain tube amps. Another position gives you sound similar to that gained by Stomp Boxes.

The most radical change of sound can be obtained especially with less “Middle” knob setting. Distorted channel provides even more sound varieties: from Rock, Thrash, Metal, to Death Metal.

Mr Hector i 312 The clean channel gives you more of a full sound. In the most sensitive position of potentiometer one can gain crunch similar to distorted. In the lowest position it's gain but the sound of it is different. Switching channels gives more opportunities than just clean/distortion, but also crunch/lead or crunch A / crunch B.

Musicians who don't use the clean channel may turn it down. To tune out the signal there is no need to turn down the guitar.

We recommend using a Mr. Hector Laboga cabinet, which is dedicated to heavier types of sound. This cabinet is equipped with two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers and one ElectroVoice Black Label speaker. You can also use the Laboga 412 cabinet model with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers or models of other brands.

Rear panel:

Hector rear panel


Mr. Hector 412 Słomka Full Stack

  • output power: 100/50 W (switched),
  • tubes used: 4 x 6L6, 4 x 12AX7, 2 x 5C3S,
  • two channels: clean and distortion,
  • high and low input,
  • regulators: volume - clean channel; gain and volume - distortion channel,
  • two separate positions, selected by footswitch, Master Volume regulators,
  • common tone regulation for both channels with Mid Switch,
  • footswitch socket: channels switching and Master Volume ,
  • channel switching on relays,
  • separate bright switches for both channels,
  • series effect loop,
  • Line level Direct Out witch speakers simulation,
  • speaker outputs: 2 x 4 ohm, 2 x 8 ohm, 1 x 16 ohm.
  • dimensions (width x depth x height): 700 x 275 x 255
  • weight: 19 kg


Footswitch LABOGA Channel/Master2 footswitch has two switches and two LED diodes and a jack socket for the cable connecting to the amplifier. This footswitch is especially designed for the Mr. Hector amplifier.

Additional accessories:

cover Cab cover is made of special "Kodura 600D" material on 10mm foam, front is additionally reinforced with 10mm Naturflexe.
Way of Sound Laboga Way Of Sound cables are of the best quality.  







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